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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update, August 5, 2022

At last Friday’s bargaining session, a tentative agreement was formalized for Appendix D of the contract, regarding incentive plan criteria and eligibility for performance bonuses. In addition, Kaiser Permanente counter-proposed language changes that once agreed to by NUHW would result in a tentative agreement on Model of Care. No new proposals were presented by either party.

Candid dialogue was exchanged regarding Indirect Patient Care (IPC) time. Kaiser Permanente has shown movement from our original proposal and last proposed an increase to 17% IPC time for therapists from current contract language. NUHW, however, made clear it is unwilling to move at all from its IPC demand, which is substantially higher and would result in less time for our therapists to provide patient care.

We understand and respect the importance of IPC time. Our proposal provides therapists more IPC time. Unfortunately, the union responded that it is not willing to negotiate the percentage and will not settle a contract unless it gets its way.

Assuming that we all share a commitment to meeting the needs of our patients, it is deeply concerning that the union is inflexible with their proposals and threatening actions that undermine access to care for patients.

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