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KP-CNA Bargaining Update, Sept. 22, 2022

Yesterday in bargaining, Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association (CNA) reached 3 more tentative agreements, bringing the total achieved so far to 24. These most recent tentative agreements:

  • Speak to the roll out of new technologies impacting nursing practice,
  • Place the negotiated Home Health Care Level System within the contract, and
  • Identify the number of Quality Liaisons within the region and the locations the QLs will support.

We appreciate the advancement in these negotiations, and the professional, productive tone of the discussions. The momentum established this week sets the stage well for continued progress in negotiations next week. Our goal remains steadfast: To achieve a contract that recognizes your outstanding skills and your dedication to providing excellent care and exceptional care experiences for each patient every day.

Our next scheduled bargaining date is Tuesday, Sept. 27. We will continue to keep you informed. Thank you.

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