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Local 39 Bargaining Update, Nov. 2, 2023

To our engineers,

Yesterday, Kaiser Permanente’s bargaining team met with IUOE Local 39 representatives again to continue negotiating toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

The discussion focused on Kaiser Permanente’s new wage proposal to the union, which represents significant movement on our part. The proposal offers annual increases of 4% for each of the 3 years of the contract – 12% total. This is a 40% increase from our previous proposal, which was 7% total. The wage increases are in addition to benefits enhancements contained in previous proposals, including pension increases and an extra lump sum payment of $2,500.

We are disappointed the union rejected our proposal and responded with relatively insignificant changes to its unrealistic demands. Despite this, Kaiser Permanente remains absolutely committed to continuing negotiations in order to reach an agreement that benefits you and our organization, members, and patients. We will meet again on Nov. 8 and will provide an update following that session.

We want to assure you that Kaiser Permanente leaders recognize the critical role our stationary and biomedical engineers play in the safe, high-quality delivery of care to our members and patients. We extend our appreciation to you, along with our commitment to reaching an agreement that rewards our engineers and enables us to continue to deliver high-quality affordable care for our members.

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