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Local 39 Bargaining Update, Jan. 30, 2024

To our engineers,

It is our continued desire to bring the negotiations with IUOE Local 39 to a respectful closure. We have continued to significantly improve our proposals over the past few months in hopes of reaching an agreement, bringing with it stability to our engineers and to the operations of Kaiser Permanente as well as labor peace through Sept. 19, 2027, and not just for the next 7 months.

We have informed Local 39 leaders of our availability to reconvene in person or virtually on Wednesday, Jan. 31, with a desire to bring negotiations to a close.

What we have on the table now:
• Across-the-board wage increases through Sept. 20, 2026
• Increases to the group life insurance and dental coverage benefits
• Increases to the lump-sum payment, based on date of hire
• Increased pension contributions of 4% annually through Sept. 18, 2026
• Maintaining the 401(k) defined contribution at 3% through September 2027

We await confirmation from Local 39 leaders to meet on Wednesday, Jan. 31, to continue negotiations in person or virtually to secure a successor agreement. We will continue to keep you informed and updated.

Thank you, again, for everything you do to enable our organization to continue to provide high-quality, safe care to our members, patients, and local communities.

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