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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update, May 10, 2022

Yesterday in bargaining between Kaiser Permanente and NUHW, discussion focused on the union’s proposal regarding job duties and workload distribution, Article 28 of the contract. Before this session, Kaiser Permanente’s bargaining team sent the union a number of questions about this proposal. NUHW’s bargaining team answered each of these question at the table yesterday, providing useful details and context.

The union’s proposal would revise Article 28 significantly. While it is generally uncommon for proposals on an existing article to be this extensive, we appreciate the time NUHW’s bargaining team devoted to respectfully answering our questions as we continue our work to fully understand the impact various aspects of their proposal would have on our mental health care operations. We are taking their proposal under consideration. Our next meetings are scheduled for May 13, 17, and 27. We will continue to keep you informed.

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