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KP-CNA Bargaining Update #4

Today, Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association (CNA) met for the fourth day of contract negotiations.

What happened

Members of Kaiser Permanente’s bargaining team, along with experts from KP’s Regional and national offices, delivered a presentation about KP’s approach to providing a safe and secure workplace. Following the presentation, CNA’s industrial hygienist read aloud from the content of Cal-OSHA’s 8CCR 3342 regulation around workplace violence — all provisions of which Kaiser Permanente meets or exceeds.

The union presented one proposal, which requests deletion of an expired side letter in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. CNA also gave a presentation on their perspective on annual skills review and training days for nurses, which was very informative.

For the record

At Kaiser Permanente, we are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of all our employees and physicians. Prevention of workplace violence is an important part of our overall commitment to a safe workplace for everyone, including nurses. We are working with a multidisciplinary team to develop and carry out an approach that goes beyond existing state law, to educate and train employees on how to prevent violence and how to respond safely if threats or violence do occur. We continue to invite the union to participate in this critically important work.

What comes next

Bargaining is scheduled to continue on Tuesday, Aug. 1. We will continue to keep you informed.

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