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KP-CNA Bargaining Update #30

Today, Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association (CNA) met for the 30th day of contract negotiations.

What Happened

The parties discussed at length the topic of safety, training and education for nurses, and the union maintained its latest Skills Day proposal. Kaiser Permanente restated its commitment to ensuring the professional development and education of our nursing staff.

For the Record

We support training our nurses using a variety of methods and formats to promote their professional growth and development. We look forward to continuing to exchange ideas to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

The current extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement ends tomorrow, Nov. 1. The parties did not agree on a further contract extension, but have committed to meet and bargain on three dates in November. We remain available to meet more frequently to continue negotiations.

What happens next

Bargaining is scheduled to resume on Thursday, Nov. 9. We will continue to keep you informed.


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