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KP-CNA Bargaining Update #29

Today, Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association (CNA) met for the 29th day of contract negotiations.

What Happened

Kaiser Permanente presented a counter proposal to the union’s Skills Day proposal.

We also supplemented our Oct. 18 Safety Committee counter proposal with a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent affirms KP’s commitment to support nurses’ active participation in Integrated Workplace Safety Subcommittees (IWPSS). The parties engaged in robust discussion about these topics.

For the Record

Kaiser Permanente provides ongoing education for our nurses in a variety of methods and venues, in accordance with the topic and the most appropriate learning modes. This helps ensure nurses are prepared with up to date knowledge and skills to provide high quality patient care. Our counter proposal provides a way for nurses and management to work together, through the Nurse Quality Forums (NQF), to help determine what training is most needed at each facility.

A safe workplace is best promoted through committees made up of employees from across functions and roles. We again communicated our invitation for nurses to participate in regionwide workplace safety committees and related assigned project work. Our proposal and Letter of Intent reinforces our commitment to providing nurses appropriate time for meeting attendance and related assignments. We look forward to resolution on this topic.

What happens next

Bargaining is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, Oct. 31. We will continue to keep you informed.

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