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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update & Recap of KP’s Open Proposals

Kaiser Permanente and NUHW met for our 25th bargaining session on Feb. 28. KP presented its comprehensive proposal again, with an increased wage proposal acknowledging the higher cost of living in the Bay Area. For your information, here is a recap of the KP’s open operational and economic proposals on the table as of Feb 28, and their benefit to therapists:

Subject Description of the Proposed Enhancements
Posting & Filling Positions Employees who successfully bid for positions will be transferred to their new position within 60 days.
Education Leave/Tuition Reimbursement Eligible employees will be reimbursed up to maximum amounts allowable under the current tuition reimbursement policy. Tuition reimbursement may be used in conjunction with an educational leave of absence.
On-Call Time KP will create an after-hours program with posted, dedicated positions at every medical center. In addition, the proposal will allow clinicians who agree to cover unfilled posted shifts to choose how they would like to receive their pay (either Accrued Time Off or Extra Pay) and offers pay incentives for staff who agree to cover unfilled holiday shifts.
Provider Profiles (Schedule Management) The expanded ratio of 1:6 (1 new for every 6 returns) will increase the amount of time therapists have to deliver care for their patients – adding a minimum 25% increase in available return appointments and a 40% increase in overall patient care time. Also: dedicated and protected time for indirect patient care for both individual and group therapy; elimination of a “seen” metric; and reserved spots and flexibility to increase therapist autonomy for return care.
Across the Board Wage Increases Wage increases will keep therapists at or above market wages throughout Northern California.

Greater Bay Area: Year 1, 2, 3 respectively: 2.5/2.5/2.5

Sacramento: Year 1, 2, 3 respectively:  2.25/2.0/2.0 plus lump sum payments of .25/.50/.50

CVA/Fresno: Year 1, 2, 3 respectively:  2.0/2.0/2.0 plus lump sum payments of .50/.50/.50

Performance Improvement Bonus Annual 3% maximum payout in addition to wage increases
Medical & Retiree Benefits NO CHANGES and NO TAKEAWAYS to the current generous medical and retiree benefits therapists receive today
Dental Benefits for Active Employees We will increase the maximum benefit amount for annual dental coverage to $1,500 and for child orthodontia to $1,500
Health Retirement Account The annual contribution will increase from $1,000 to $1,800 per year of service
Benefits by Design This will be a new benefit for eligible employees on an after-tax basis, subject to the satisfaction of insurer requirements. Available options may include discounted long-term care insurance, legal services insurance, additional term life insurance, identify theft maintenance, auto and homeowner insurance, and pet insurance. Will be effective 1/1/2020.
Alternative Compensation Program This new benefit for eligible employees will provide for a 20% pay differential in lieu of certain benefits. Will be effective 1/1/2020.
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