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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update, June 10, 2022

Our Friday, June 10 bargaining session was productive. There was agreement established across the board on revisions to: Article 15 – Professional Hours; Article 18 – Leaves of Absence; and Article 22 – Health & Wellness benefits for active employees.

There was also confirmation of tentative agreement from the employer on Article 12 – Probationary Employees.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente passed across the table a telecommute counter-proposal. The counter-proposal acknowledges LPPC engagement, seniority application for telecommuting and the overall value of telecommuting for our therapists. The counter-proposal also reflects Kaiser Permanente’s continued focus on balancing the needs of our employees, patients and members.

The union presented a counter-proposal on Article 28 – Job Duties & Workload Distribution. After thoughtful discussion, the union acknowledged they will modify their counter by the next bargaining session.

Our thanks for the expertise, compassion, and spirit you bring to your work with our patients every day. Our next bargaining sessions are scheduled for June 17 and 29. We know that together we can find a way forward to meet everyone’s needs and we will continue to keep you informed.

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