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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update, July 8, 2022

There was further movement in bargaining today as Kaiser Permanente presented an updated comprehensive package proposal intended to resolve outstanding economic and non-economic issues and move negotiations to a settlement. In addition to providing immediate relief for the increase in workloads therapists have experienced, the comprehensive proposal includes wage increases, increased annual lump sum payment and annual bonus payouts, an increase in IPC time, and no takeaways.

Highlights of today’s proposal, parts of which update KP’s previous package proposal of April 13, include:

  • Maintaining the proposed across the board wage increases of 3%, 2%, and 2% in years 1, 2, and 3 of the contract.
  • A increased lump sum payment in year 1 to 2% (up from 1%). Therapists will receive another lump sum of 1% in year 2.
  • Performance bonus payouts: up to $5,000 each of the 3 years of the contract.
  • Increase in IPC time to 17% from the current 15%.
  • Immediate relief by way of changes to the definition of “new appointments”: We propose reducing the period of time for an existing patient who has not been seen to subsequently be considered a new patient — removing that patient from the therapist’s caseload sooner. This change would be for 6 months and has the potential to be extended.
  • Immediate relief in the form of expanding our practice of employing contractor clinicians to lighten the load for our therapists and to bridge while we continue concerted efforts to hire new KP therapists.

KP also agreed to language proposed by the union for student loan repayment program eligibility.

There was robust discussion around various aspects of this comprehensive proposal. We look forward to continuing this collaborative conversation, with the hope of reaching agreement, in the coming dates scheduled for bargaining — these are July 13, July 22, and Aug. 5. We will continue to keep you informed. Thank you for your commitment to providing excellent care, and exceptional care experiences, each day for our patients and members.

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