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KP-NUHW Bargaining Update, July 22, 2022

We have been pleased with our progress in bargaining, including reaching several tentative agreements, and holding productive discussions regarding Kaiser Permanente’s Indirect Patient Care (IPC) proposals. In our last bargaining session we were about 1% apart in our respective wage proposals, and we came to bargaining last Friday with hopes to bargain vigorously and bring negotiations to a conclusion. Unfortunately, union leadership delivered a fully new economic proposal from NUHW that pushes us further apart.

The union’s revised wage proposal significantly altered its own previous wage proposal — which is highly unusual in bargaining and does not support forward movement. Given our previous respective proposals were so close we are disappointed with this development.

In total, NUHW provided three revised proposals: Model of Care, performance bonuses, and wages. Kaiser Permanente gave two counter proposals — on Model of Care, and on grievance and arbitrability — which we expect to reach tentative agreement on.

We remain committed to concluding these negotiations and reaching an agreement that is good for our therapists and for our members and patients. Our next bargaining date is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 5.

We will continue to keep you informed.

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