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Kaiser Permanente – CNA Update #2

Today, Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association (CNA) met for the second day of contract negotiations.

What happened

Kaiser Permanente’s bargaining team delivered its opening remarks, which included our commitment to keep our patients and members at the center of all we do, and to continue to be the best place for nurses to work. We were proud to talk about the quality of our care, new nursing education programs, and the important role our nurses play in achieving excellent outcomes for our patients and members.

The union presented two proposals. The first was for the term of the agreement. The second focused on Patient Care Coordinators. Bargaining ended in the early afternoon.

For the record

We had the opportunity to discuss with the union our position regarding Patient Care Coordinators. We respect the choice of Patient Care Coordinators to be represented by CNA. At the same time, we have always asserted that Patient Care Coordinators should be a stand-alone bargaining unit. Because we continue to believe strongly in our position, we are pursuing a legal option to have this reviewed by the court. At any time, CNA can let us know they recognize Patient Care Coordinators as a separate bargaining unit, and we will start negotiations immediately.

What comes next

Bargaining is scheduled to continue on Tuesday, July 25. We will continue to keep you informed.

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